Intro to “FairyTale”

King Midas wished that anything he touched would turn to gold. That resulted, of course, in turning the roses bushes to gold in the garden. The Red Queen was furious, and she blamed poor Alice, who had only tried to paint them red. Alice was so busy running from the queen and her army that she slammed into the disheveled prince, who was TRYING to get a good hold of Rapunzel’s hair before he climbed up. The prince was so startled that he pulled Rapunzel’s hair and she came tumbling out of the tower. All three began to run from the Red Queen and they came upon the house of the third little pig. It was built with bricks, so the Red Queen’s finest wolf couldn’t even blow the house down. And they lived…you know the rest.

Isn’t it funny how you can take the hundreds of fairy-tales that have been written and combine them to make something new? Some usually turn out quite funny. Of course, the sad part is this: there’s so many fairy-tales that you can’t POSSIBLY use them all!

But that’s a different story. What you are about to read is MY fairy-tale. Tell me what you think.


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