“Three of Us” Chapter Seven

Zach amazes me sometimes. Alex is impressed to, but she fails to show it because it’s her motherly duty not to praise “wrongdoing”, whatever she means by that. We’ve gotten out of several close calls because of him. And he knows we appreciate it. That’s why he keeps doing it.

Today, however, he amazed me in a different way. It takes the cake. He sold the dog.

“YOU LOVED THAT DOG!” I yelled. I forgot my voice echoed through the store. Covering my mouth, I let Alex continue for me.

“You were the one that wanted to keep it!” she cried in annoyance. “You were the one that wanted to take care of it! You were—”

“Yeah, and I’m the one who sold him. So what’s the big deal?” Zach interjected. “I knew you guys wouldn’t care. You didn’t wanna keep him.”

“Why’d you get rid of him?” I asked.

He beamed, looked down, and started looking around.

“You got money for it, I assume,” I said again.

“Zach?” Alex prompted.

It was a while before he said, “The guy had this big shiny coin.”

We stared. “What?” we asked together.

“I had never seen one before and…it looked like it was worth a lot.” He stopped and then added quickly, “It was really big and shiny!”

We waited for him to show it. Pulling something out of his pocket, we saw a big round silver dollar in the palm of his hand.

“You’ve never seen a silver dollar?” I asked.

He stopped and his face fell. “A what?”

“A silver dollar,” I repeated.

“IT’S ONLY WORTH A DOLLAR????” he yelled. His face was hysterical.

He was muttering to himself the rest of the day.

“Hey do you remember when that police gal said something about runaways?” I asked later. We were in the storeroom. Alex and I were eating our McDonald’s meals on the floor. Zach was still sitting criss-cross on his boxes, muttering and staring at the silver dollar.

“Yeah,” Alex replied, her mouth full. “What about it?”

“Who do you think the runaway was?”

“Probably no one we know,” Alex said. “There are loads of kids that try and ditch school.”

“Well yeah…” I admitted. “But I’ve never seen another kid alone around here. That Crocker can’t patrol the whole county. She’s around here all the time.”

“Who said it was around here?” Alex asked curiously.

I shrugged. “I guess you’re right.” I stared up at Zach.

“Staring at it isn’t gonna get you more money, dude,” I said.

I think his eyes watered.

~J.L. Cordova


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