“Three of Us” Chapter Six

We ran into that ugly police gal again today. I think she had a makeover or something, because she looks uglier.

Anyway, today we were browsing the DVDs in the electronic section. Zach left Shaggy out on a rope by the lake. Shows how much he’s involved. But the dog seems to like it. No one is supposed to have dogs in Wal-Mart anyway, so we had to do something.

I don’t really know how Shaggy is taking the whole storeroom idea of a house. He has this nasty habit of thinking anyone can be a pillow, though. Technically, Alex is supposed to be allergic to dog hair. She ignores though, like a trooper. But man did she sneeze up a storm last night. She didn’t speak for a while after she realized her bed was covered with his fur in the morning.

He’s really soft though, and very lovable. Like any innocent dog would be, he considers it an honor, not a right, to be pet by a human. Zach loves him, I think. I can never be sure with Zach and his emotions. He can fake things pretty well. He played Frisbee with him in the park this morning before he tied him up. Who knows?

Anyway, back to Snow White’s stepmother. The police girl came up to us while we were looking at the DVDs. I could tell Zach was really bothered by it—he thought we were rid of her.

Why did she come up to us? I don’t know. And frankly, I don’t care.

“Aren’t you kids supposed to be in school?” she snapped.

We froze. It was Monday. We forgot.

“But…uh…hey—isn’t it a bank holiday today?” Zach asked. When Zach starts making things up, me an Alex usually nod and stay out of it. It’s mainly because we got involved once, and we barely made it out alive. We didn’t know exactly where Zach was going with his story, and it got all mixed up. He got onto us about it afterwards. And believe me: you don’t want to go near Zach if he’s mad.

So we just shut up and let the Red Queen glare down at Pinocchio.

Bank holiday?” she shrieked.

“Well yeah,” Zach replied casually. “Actually it’s Christmas.”

“Don’t sass me, young man!” she cried, outraged. “It’s the middle of May! I can take all three of you back and drag you into that classroom if I have to!”

“It is Christmas though,” Zach persisted, “in Australia.”

She stopped.

“Well yeah you know Australia is on the other side of the world so when its winter here, its summer there. Its spring here now…so Australia’s Christmas Eve is today.”

She still glared.

“Not all schools are closing today,” Zach explained. “But our principal is originally from Australia, so he and his family are celebrating it today.”

She didn’t say anything for quite a while. Zach’s face was straight, mine was decently solemn, and poor Alex (who grew up learning it’s wrong to lie—how fun) was trying not to look at her. The police gal seemed to buy it…but it never hurts to let the predator stare you down to make sure.

I managed to glance at her nametag though. I guess police have nametags along with their badges? I don’t know.

Edna Crocker

Yeah. She was ugly before. She’s hideous now.

She abruptly pointed a long, gangly finger at Zach, who did not wince at all.

“I don’t believe you,” she snarled. “But I have nothing to prove you are wrong, so I will not turn you in. There’s already been one affair with runaways hiding from the law. But nothing slips my eyes. I will be watching you.”

Now that I knew her name, I found what she said even creepier.

~J.L. Cordova


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