Hello Again!

Dear loyal subjects,

It has come to my attention that I have paid little/no attention to the kingdom of Blogs for quite some time now. Perhaps it is because high school was piling up work for me and I had no time to write. Well, I can assure you that it will happen no more, for I graduated on Saturday!

I’ll have much more time to blog and write. I have a deep passion for filmmaking, so I’ve decided to merge my writing blog with movie critiques and ideas, and also keep you updated with my own film endeavors. This past January I completed my first film by myself. It is a 30-minute documentary about a rare genetic disease that held my little brother hostage for 3 long yet beautiful years. If you could take time out of your day to watch it, I would not only be encouraged film-wise, but it would mean so much to me personally as well. Pass on the link if you deem it worthy of sharing.

Love Has Wings (Official Movie)

YouTube freaked out about the quality of the song at the end, so apologies in advance; I promise I’m better than that.

ANYWAYS. Enough about that. (But please watch if you have time). Main point of this post was that I am back and I am bursting with opinions and things to say about books and movies. My friend at school recommended this app Good Books? I intend to try it out–I will keep you updated. It apparently suggests good reads both contemporary and old classics I think by popularity. We’ll see. I have yet to download it.

I watched The Fault in Our Stars this evening at the theater. I shall write on it soon. At the moment I have not the heart. Too much emotion, I think I might go to bed.

So good to be back. I want to hear from those still out there that are subscribed to my blog! If you comment I shall come visit yours to catch up on you.

Best regards,

J.L. Cordova


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