The Story that is Cinderella

A [brief] history of film adaptions of Cinderella

Tomorrow’s the Ball!

Erm…okay not a ball. I wish. I finally gave in and decided to go see the famous Disney movie, which now has 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. I’m going tomorrow, but I wanted you all to witness my predisposition: I’m not expecting much. I’m a die-hard fan of original Disney classics–the ones Walt worked on himself.… Continue reading Tomorrow’s the Ball!

Look Out for Ducklings

My newest film project!! If you haven’t seen my last movie and you are at all interested, please by all means: Love Has Wings¬†That was my first solo project and its won several awards at various film festivals. This new one, however, is quite shorter and its purely an experiment for fun on my part.… Continue reading Look Out for Ducklings

Halfway to the Moon

Bored as a 2015 fax machine sitting in biology class, I scribbled something in my¬†notebook, to which I woke up the next morning when I sallied forth to conquer my homework. The scribble was this: “Darling, if you spent even half as much time in productivity as you do in people-drama, you’d be halfway to… Continue reading Halfway to the Moon

“I Want to Live”

I haven’t posted in quite awhile. But I saw a movie tonight that blew my mind. This is storytelling. This is filmmaking. This is Chappie. “Chappie” is a movie in theaters right now by Sony and Colombia Pictures, staring Hugh Jackman and Sharlto Copley. Set in South Africa, it involves a company pursing an all-robotic… Continue reading “I Want to Live”