Yellow and Blue

Summer is well upon us and several amazing movies have already hit the screens. One of them being the long-anticipated Pixar movie, which is only long-anticipated if you are a Pixar geek, which I am.


“Inside Out” is the personification of the emotions inside Riley’s head. All of them were narrowed down into five generic feelings: joy, sadness, fear, disgust, and anger. Each has their own important place in Riley’s life.


The story picks up when Joy and Sadness are accidentally sucked into *gasp*…Longterm Memory. They have to find their way back into Riley’s head again so she can be happy…and sad. Their absence has a huge impact. Will they make it back before its too late?


First, let’s give a hand to the creative board on this movie. If you think about it, the feelings, like Joy, aren’t…anything. They are abstract. They’re made up by little pixels of whatever color they are. Joy is yellow. Sadness is blue. Disgust is green. You get the idea. The characters are completely abstract things, and animated as such. Plus, adding unique and fun aspects to Riley’s MIND (not brain, as you remember, everything is abstract), like the train of thought (literally), Imagination Land, and Dream Productions. Bravo, Pete Docter–I was so entertained!

I was also pleased that the main human character, Riley, was a budding tomboy. For me that was a good change for Pixar. They tried to do a Celtic princess and they did okay…the tomboy was just a good switch-up.


But the main thing that caught my eye, my mind, my heart! …was the ending.


On their journey back to “headquarters” (Riley’s head), Joy and Sadness meet one of Riley’s old imaginary friends. In a scene in the movie, the imaginary friend, Bing Bong, becomes really upset that Riley doesn’t remember him. Despite Joy’s attempts to cheer him up, he doesn’t feel any better. He only stops crying after Sadness comes and talks to him and empathizes with him. That is the solution.

Its a foreshadow to the end of the movie. By the time Joy and Sadness reach headquarters, Riley is soon running away from her family. But as she comes back, Joy doesn’t succeed in cheering her up as she normally does. Most of Riley’s memories have always been happy. But not this time. Sadness lets her cry. And she cries and cries.

In a new town, in a new place with new friends and new sports teams, all Riley needed was a good cry for her life in her old home. Its a bittersweet memory. Yellow…and blue.

insideout art
original art from pixar studios

Of course all the kids love the ending–Sadness finally fits in. Besides, it’s a kids movie! The problem has to be something they can understand. But let’s think about the way Pixar weaved a deep, emotional thought into a kid’s movie ending. Insane right? Inspiring. I guess Pixar is telling us to let our feelings out and don’t keep them in. Its the only way to move on in life. Don’t dwell in the past and make way for the new.

The deep ending overwhelmed me. I loved it. Through-the-roof creativity is kinda my thing.

Oh and my favorite was Disgust. In case you were wondering.


Due respect,



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