Death in Romantic Poetry

My final paper in British Literature. I enjoyed the professor. The content sort of puts me to sleep. Too many poems. But here’s what I got out of it. An A paper: Death in Romantic Poetry Throughout literature, death is a commonly used topic. From the loss of soldiers in Wordsworth’s ballads to Beth’s heartbreaking… Continue reading Death in Romantic Poetry

The Story that is Cinderella

A [brief] history of film adaptions of Cinderella

Intro to “Kimona”

If any of you read the post “Star Wars“, then you have all been anxiously waiting for the arrival of my sci-fi novel, Kimona.



What inspired it, you might ask? Well I’ll be honest. It was actually a dream I had. (It did actually have C-3PO in it). No, I didn’t dream 40 chapters worth of story, but enough creativity built upon what I already had. This was one of those dreams that kept sticking out at me–I couldn’t forget about it. I wrote it down in my idea book and it was shelved for a very long time. It was only this past summer that I took it off my shelf and actually put it to paper. I had wanted to write this book for a while, but I was so obsessed and concentrated on my fantasy series…that I just…couldn’t.

I don’t know what happened. But here it is now: completed (more or less), on my documents.

I love sci-fi. Sure “Star Wars” is kind of out of date, but who doesn’t like droids and hover cars and light sabers? I love the idea of life somewhere else in space and in time. Time, if you think about it, is so abstract and yet we treat it like an actual thing. It’s tricky to grasp, so you can go so many places with it. And I love coming up with what science could one day accomplish. One of the big things in Kimona is highly developed technology mixed with time and travel. And the three different types of beings: humans, robots, and…well you’ll have to read to find out.

I will post only a few chapters, as the whole thing is 3 parts and 40 something chapters (even I lost count). When life quits going 110 miles an hour, I’m seriously considering sending an excerpt in for publication. It needs more editing. You can never edit too much. But tell me what you think, and tell me if it keeps you on edge! I’ll post ten chapters. Hopefully that’s not too much to bore you, but enough for you to grasp the story.

I would very much like feedback. Tell me if its confusing or if it doesn’t make sense. Even if you just read one chapter, it’ll make my day.